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how do celebrity stylists get clothes

After her wedge sneakers were seeded throughout Hollywood, the shoe style completely blew up and was knocked off by tons of other brands. This also includes making the clients feel confident in their own skin, hair and clothes. Cristina Ehrlich. It's the busiest time of the year for The Wall Group, which reps the biggest celebrity hairstylists, makeup artists and stylists in Los Angeles. You saw your favorite celebrity in rag & bone’s Newbury booties so you had to have ’em. Seeding begins when a brand and/or PR agency identifies certain factors they are looking for when dressing a celebrity: their image, who is being photographed often, who has a specific style that will fit the brand and, most importantly, who has an audience. Kendall Jenner Looks Unrecognizable On Instagram—What Did She Do To These Pics?! Oftentimes, the only method a potential employer may have of judging your experience as a fashion stylist is by previewing your portfolio. The average hourly pay for a Fashion Stylist is $16.97. Our inboxes fill up hourly with emails from PR companies about what a celebrity wore the night before, or how Jessica Alba has been spotted in this under-$100 army jacket multiple times. If you stiff me, I’ll remember. © 2021 a property of White Cat Media All Rights Reserved, The Dirt On How Celebrities Get Free Clothes. Sara Alderman has covered topics from fashion to beauty and beyond. It allows an agency to better gauge what styles a certain person may or may not want to wear in the future. As a result, the job of celebrity stylist has become much sought-after. She'll work with the client to determine a collection of items to gift. In the past, that typically meant loaning pieces out with the hope that a celebrity would wear them on a red carpet for a premiere or an awards show and be photographed. Sometimes, celebrities do not always wear what they are sent for various reasons. From the brand/PR companies sending the items, to stylists dressing their clients and PR reps emailing us to write about how many stars are wearing a specific item. 11 celebrity fashion stylists you need to follow for the Met Gala 2019 Kate Young, @kateyoung The NYC-based stylist is one of the most in-demand of her kind in the fashion industry. And a great way to do that is by skipping the agents, managers and publicists and trying another route: working with the celebrity’s stylists. © 2021 Breaking Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Goldberg also points out that celebrity images have longer shelf lives than editorial placements. It seems that behind every influential It girl is a genius stylist. There are many different arenas in which fashion stylists use their talents, from music videos to advertisements to TV shows and movies. But she doesn’t get to keep the haute couture gown after all the trophies are handed out. A celebrity stylist may help a client with her makeup, as well as clothing and hair. This begins by determining what type of appearance the celebrity wants to go for and then a wardrobe makeover happens. There’s no way we would be able to identify the item without these pitches from PR reps. In general most stylist assistants do creative test and spec shoots unpaid but will not want to do a lookbook unpaid. on a day-to-day basis (jeans, dresses, handbags) is usually gifted to them by a brand through public relations agencies. daily updates from SheFinds. Support a charitable cause-: Celebrities are always doing their best to give back to their fans and the … It’s no surprise Isabel Marant is one of the designers that celebrities request the most. A successful seeding can be measured by whether or not the “endorsed” product takes off, like Mara Hoffman bathing suits. Movie wardrobe stylists dress the actors and actresses in films. An internship at a branded fashion consultant or with … "I think it's a slippery slope," she says. "Pieces that fit seamlessly into the everyday style of talent increase likelihood of multiple wears," she says. Goldberg has a similarly calculated approach so as not to dilute the brand: "We'll discourage clients from blindly gifting. Kenneth Loo, “the one in charge” (his words, not ours) at creative marketing firm Kenwerks adds, “I usually recommend clients to steer clear of controversy, reality stars and any celebrities that attract bad press.” However, all of these rules can go out the window if a brand presents a “wish list” of celebrities to dress based on personal opinions. From working with their clients remotely to finding alternative revenue streams, here's how Hollywood image-makers are navigating their roles amid a pandemic. Their primary objectives for fashion brands, however, are very different. If they have a movie or an album coming out, then that presents more opportunities for me to work with them, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means.”. But it is … Celebrity styling; 1. Dwayne Johnson Just Revealed New Heartbreaking Details About His Covid Battle—We Feel So Bad! PR Consulting, which also has offices in New York and Paris and reps brands like Altuzarra, Acne, Dries van Noten and Raf Simons, opened up shop in LA in 2013. Other times they might just straight up not like the clothes and will never wear them. The 15 celebrity stylists you need to follow on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite celebs getting ready during awards season. Photo: Gotham/GC Images. You’re probably familiar with the idea of celebrities borrowing or being gifted clothes, but unless you’re part of the fashion industry, you might not know much more than that. A brief look at how the concept of celebrity branding first came to be, and why celebrity influence continues to be a dominate force in the fashion industry today. Once a placement has been secured, we really believe in linking them to media results." Visit PayScale to research fashion stylist hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more. Fabric stylists work in the fashion and design industry. We never just ship out a box and cross our fingers." Do A Couple Of Internships – It’s All About It. ), "After the product has left our showroom, the fun begins," says Magidsohn. Probably not. We know stylists have tons of tricks up their sleeves.It includes, but isn’t limited to, being able to make red carpet magic, changing the feel of an entire outfit with little more than an accessory, and coming to set equipped with styling kits that always save the day. But it isn't just the rich and famous who hire personal stylists to literally outfit their daily ensembles. Celebrity Stylists work directly with their celebrity clients to create an individualized outfit or a complete style that lets them express themselves through the clothes that they wear. As online fashion and celebrity media began to give paparazzi images of celebrities much more coverage than they were getting in the few celebrity weekly magazines — sometimes even crediting or linking their outfits — loaning and gifting celebrities everyday items became more commonplace, and a bigger priority for the brands hiring these PR companies. "Images of some of our clients' clothes or accessories [have] come out again in the press three years after the event," she explains, referring to features like the "X celebrity's best style moments" galleries we see so often online. WHY SHE MATTERS Welch, who styled 20 looks alone on Oscar night with her staff of … Want the latest fashion industry news first? They also work with celebrities to define an individual style. From working with celebrity clients to styling models for photo shoots, a fashion stylist career provides exciting opportunities to share your passion for style with a variety of interesting people. She also discourages her clients from paying VIPs to wear things. As the company's LA Partner Laurence Goldberg, who previously worked in VIP relations for Balenciaga, explains, that is when the celebrity dressing landscape started to shift. It's an additional (and effective) channel through which celebrities can document their outfits. With this knowledge in mind, the fabric stylist acts as a consultant, helping other designers choose appropriate colors and patterns, according to Creative Art Schools. ", A big part of their job is building and nurturing relationships with stylists who will hopefully then be motivated to put their clients' pieces on whomever they are dressing — without forcing it. Or, she might be a regular person who needs one-on-one assistance from a personal fashion consultant. Kate Young, stylist to Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson and Margot Robbie, has over 300k followers on Instagram alone, while Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski have become celebrities in their own right, launching TV shows off the back of their red-carpet work. Ilaria Urbinati is a celebrity stylist who has worked with Nina Dobrev, Bradley Cooper, Elle Fanning, Ryan Reynolds and Emmy Rossum. Get Your Clothes on Celebrities. The stories we cover on celebrities carrying the same handbag or wearing the same dress demonstrates how all parts of the seeding process come together. Ariana Grande Is Wearing A Sheer Lace Bodysuit & Nothing Else For Her New Music Video. Your Jaw Will Drop When You See This Throwback Photo Of Taylor Swift From 2008–She Hasn’t Aged At All! Ilaria says, “I love working with my client as a team and I strive to dress them in ways that bring out their unique style and individual personality; so I’ll work with my client before reaching out to any specific designer showrooms or PR agencies, and they’ll usually pick a couple of looks from different brands.” Once Ilaria knows what look she wants to create, she works directly with the fashion house or brand’s PR rep to secure those specific pieces. Unless, that is, they are. As long as celebrities are going to airports, grocery shopping, taking lunch meetings and going on dates with their equally famous boyfriends, brands will still want to give them clothes — and fans will be eager to know where and how they can score the very same look. looks like there's a problem with your entry. Once she receives everything, Ilaria and her client team up to finalize the whole look, picking everything from the dress down to the shoes, jewelry and clutch. "They know they'll be photographed." Fashion stylists are individuals who use their good fashion sense to create a variety of wardrobe styles. Kim Kardashian Can't Stop Wearing These 'Bare' Bikinis—They're Going To Be Everywhere! Personal stylists are the masterminds behind the impactful celebrity looks that have the power to shift—and also launch—trends. "We are now monitoring a 24-hour news cycle of sorts, which begets massive opportunity to find the placements. Now, the best way to get into styling is by assisting as many top stylists as you can, because when those stylists aren’t available, the assistants usually take over their gigs. There are ways to strategize, however. The American stylist Cristina Ehrlich deserves to be on the list of the best celebrity … Which is exactly what PR companies are trying to make happen by seeding the trend. When it comes to fashion publicity, the landscape in Los Angeles is very different from that in New York. We do take some solace, though, in the fact that they’re not actually putting these incredible ensembles together themselves. (She handles VIP placements for brands including Karen Walker and Freda Salvador.) She also mentions that on the beauty side, color contact lenses are definitely becoming a trend right now. Then there’s the usual suspects like, Chanel, Prada, Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Jason Wu. Sign up for our daily newsletter. A wardrobe stylist normally gets the look and feel of the clothing needed for the film they are working on and go out to buy outfits for each actor. What about this year’s matching set trend? More often than not, celebrity seeding is what’s really driving trends. In New York, PR showrooms exist primarily to service editors — traditionally those with long lead times who pull clothing and accessory samples for photo shoots that will be published in print (but increasingly for us digital editors with shorter lead times as well). "I've been told from stylists that they are here to pull for certain event, but while they're here will also do their daily outfits," says Goldberg. But how did you know that Beyoncé, Miranda Kerr and Kate Bosworth were wearing these kicks? At the heart of it, fashion is fantasy—and these designers and stylists are dreaming up some celebrity looks. First off, there's seeding (or gifting) which Heather Magidsohn, who owns a namesake PR and consulting agency in LA, prefers when it comes to items that a VIP might wear in his or her day-to-day life. Identify The Look. They might not be allowed to accept gifts per their job (like TV hosts) or from existing contracts with different brands. They also must keep in mind the budgets of the customers who normally shop with them and must choose appropriate fabrics based on this information. These stylists try to keep up to date on the latest trends to predict which clothes will become popular. If fans want to get a true feel for celebs' sense of personal style, they frequently turn to paparazzi shots, taken everywhere from the street to the airport to the club — but just how "personal" are these looks, exactly? information has been successfully updated. Emma Stone Looks Unrecognizable Now--It's Scary! When a stylist works on a photoshoot, he or she basically chooses the clothing, the accessories, and/or the general “look” of the model for the shoot. You Won’t Believe What Prince William Just Said About Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. In a way, this form of celebrity dressing can be more directly beneficial to brands' sales. A stylist’s job is to make sure their client looks good for anything, whether it’s an appearance on The Tonight Show or grabbing a cup of coffee. “Dressing someone is a collaborative process, and I want my client to feel comfortable and have fun. From then on, the stylist goes shopping and puts together outfits for their client based on the defined style. Ensuring the brand makes the most out of a big celeb placement is also crucial. "I always like to say half of the work is getting the garment to the stylist and the other half is doing the press behind it," says Goldberg. On set, wardrobe stylists are responsible … Bebe Rexha Just Wore The Hottest Jumpsuit, Like, EVER--Her Body Is Unreal! Of course Jennifer Lawrence is going to wear Dior to the Oscars; she is the face of the brand. Once a finalized list of gifts is created, (roughly 20 pieces per month for smaller brands, 60 per month for bigger ones), packages are prepared with notes and informational materials. But as the mediums through which we have access to celebrity style have broadened, so have the roles of LA's fashion PRs. "They're getting inundated with these images, so our relationships with media that cover celebrity is really important," she adds. the Coordinate Collection bracelet we love, Worse Than We Thought! Wardrobe stylists will style clothing so that it transform a person's outward appearance. Olivia Culpo’s Corset Top Is SO Low Cut—Her Boobs Look Amazing! For instance, if we know festival season is upon us, we strike with an offer a few weeks in advance so it's relevant and timely. Here’s what you need to know about the process. And as above with photo assistants, see if you can hire one to style your lookbook. Many of the names are the same: PR Consulting, KCD, BPCM, Krupp Group and Karla Otto are among the many companies who operate offices on both coasts. That person might be a model or she might be a celebrity who needs the perfect look for a big event or fashion shoot. Kendall Jenner in Kurt Geiger boots in May. "The only modern celebrity I can think of to say I could admire is Diane Kruger, because she doesn't use a stylist," she told Stylist in 2011. This Huge Secret About Chris Harrison Just Got Out--What Does This Mean?! "Now it's less about the announcement of a gifting offer and more [about being] strategic. Eiza Gonzalez’s Curves Are On FULL Display In This Bustier Dress For ‘Jimmy Kimmel’--She Looks Incredible! No matter the type of clients, the main job of the celebrity stylist is to make clients look good. She has a great image, is photographed often and is known for her great style.” They don’t necessarily need a big project coming out, as long as the desired criteria is met. Brooke Shields Just Dropped This MAJOR Bombshell About Her Health Status--We're Devastated For Her! Your Heart Is Going To Break When You Hear How Kim Kardashian Spent Her Valentine’s Day--Yikes! "The goal was never to do 'street style' but it naturally has risen from dressing them for their events." OMG! It’s pretty difficult to pull off the two piece look, but seeing someone you look up to wearing it, like a celebrity, will make you more inclined to buy it. Please try again. "Making sure with digital press we can link it back to our clients own e-commerce.". Halle Berry Just Made This Shocking Claim About Her Ex--It’s Unbelievable! Her work begins when a client needs something to wear. "Over the years, we started to receive more samples of the [brand's] commercial collections," she notes, referring to the pieces brands actually sell, as opposed to what you're likely to see on a runway or red carpet. She says the most important thing about deciding who to work with is that they have to trust her as a stylist. This skincare regimen helps with acne, discoloration, and wrinkles. Let’s start with Editorial styling / Styling for photoshoots. "We then introduce the product to our network and have conversations about which VIP targets align best with the brand, what the opportunity at hand is (and likelihood of securing an image), and from there make strategic decisions about gifting on behalf of our client. That said, dressing celebs off the red carpet — when it's not a pay-for-play situation (which it typically isn't for the publicists we spoke to, according to them) — is also more difficult to guarantee and track. How do you become a stylist? They are a significant portion of my pay. ", Emma Roberts in Karen Walker sunglasses at Coachella. Goldberg recalls an instance of Kendall Jenner getting photographed in a pair of white Kurt Geiger boots (pictured above) so frequently that she had the client reissue it to capitalize on all the visibility. Sometimes when we’re watching red carpets or browsing celebrity street-style shots, we get a little envious of the fabulous clothes actresses and singers get to wear. We find this more targeted approach nets more wins for our clients. In LA, however, their purpose is — aside from working with local outlets and throwing events — to service VIP clients and their stylists. Sure, being a celeb stylist is a job (we definitely wouldn't mind doing it). Few jobs appear cooler or more glamorous than that of the celebrity stylist. Increasingly, stars are working with stylists to help craft these off-duty moments as well, and fashion PR houses have evolved to cater to them.

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